Wholesale Orders

We are always looking for interesting ways to distribute our products. If you think your audience matches our customers then please contact wholesale@loris-lunettes.com

The LORIS Customer

LORIS customers don’t do things in the traditional way, they strive to find their own path. Deep down they want to feel liberated so they question any authority or convention. They are unapologetic and appreciate candidness, rawness and honesty in their brands. 

Our customers live in the city but dream of the open road. They love to travel and enjoy activities which grant them a sense of freedom such as motorcycling, snowboarding and surfing. They want to be stimulated and thrilled so that they can feel alive and in the moment. 


Our audience demographics are broad: catering to both genders and ages ranging from 25 – 55. They may own other sunglasses and see LORIS as a product to express their lifestyle. The target customer has a higher than average disposable income and so our position in the market is in the mid-high range.