Our Philosophy

We work hard to make beautiful, high quality, responsible eyewear that’s meant to last. We are dedicated to making the best product of its kind, which is why we only work with the best suppliers. We pay attention to the little things, so that when you wear LORIS you instantly feel the difference.

We don’t believe in mass produced materialism and prefer to fill our lives with a curated set of objects that really mean something. We chose to produce our sunglasses using the traditional acetate method, because it’s equal parts artistry and craftsmanship. Developed in a time where objects were treasured and meant to last, you can be sure that if you look after our frames, they will be the last ones you ever need to buy. 

We challenge our customers to make new memories that last as long as our glasses. We believe in individualism, freedom and expression and we hope to inspire you to see life differently.

Our History

LORIS began as an idea between Lorenz Richard and his friends in 2012. Brought together by a common love for adventure and old motorbikes, they would spend countless hours in a shared garage space customising their bikes. Frustrated at the inauthenticity of big multinational ‘outsider’ brands, they would bounce around ideas of creating a new brand – one that truly reflected them and their lifestyle. The seed of the idea was planted and over the years Lorenz couldn’t let it go.

Lorenz, influenced by his father, an architect, and movie stars such as James Dean, developed an eye for visual aesthetics very early on. He started working for a sunglasses company in California before turning his talent for the lense towards photography and becoming a globally renowned photographer for brands such as Red Bull. 

But there was one thing that always bothered him, his art was always limited to the vision of Art Directors that commissioned the project. So in 2015, inspired by the opportunity to express his own creative freedom and to liberate those around him, he worked to make the brand a reality. He reached out to fellow swiss artist Aramis Navarro to help design the collection and in 2016 the company LORIS was founded.

Aramis, a professional artist and skateboarder based in Zurich, originally trained as a polymechanic. This knowledge of all things acetate perfectly complimented his ability to sculpt beautiful objects – leading to a truly unique set of frame designs that set LORIS apart.

Our Process

Every pair of LORIS frames are handmade in northern Italy. Starting with a CNC machine cutting the raw form out of a plate of acetate, the process leads over tumblering, polishing and assembling to a finished product with high attention to detail.

We use the highest grade of cellulose acetate from Mazzucchelli. We love to work with acetate not only because it’s a beautiful material but also because it’s reactive to heat. Our goal is to create classic sunglasses with a modern twist and a maximum range of comfort. So the more you wear your acetate sunglasses, the more they fit you – since the acetate reacts to your body heat. For the lenses we have chosen Carl Zeiss Vision to match our idea of a high quality product.

Strictly Limited Edition

We believe that you’re unique and the objects in your life should reflect that. That’s why we’ve committed to only making 250 of each colour way / model. That’s it. No more. Ever. No matter how popular – we won’t change.

These small batch runs ensure that we can truly maintain our handcrafted nature and strong levels of quality control. So choose your purchase wisely – this could be the last pair you ever need to buy.