Our Philosophy

We strive to create stunning, ethical eyewear designed for longevity. Our commitment to excellence means collaborating only with elite suppliers. We focus on every detail so wearing LORIS brings an immediate sense of distinction.

We reject mass produced materialism, opting instead for a curated collection of meaningful objects. Our sunglasses are crafted with the traditional acetate method, blending artistry and craftsmanship. Crafted in an era of enduring value, our frames are built to last and be the only ones you'll ever need if looked after carefully.

We encourage our customers to create lasting memories that are as enduring as our glasses. We embrace individuality, freedom, and expression, aiming to ignite a fresh perspective on life.


Our Story

LORIS Lunettes emerged in 2012 from the creative mind of Lorenz Richard, a Swiss photographer and director. Inspired by fine craftsmanship and timeless styles, he envisioned crafting his own eyewear.

Lorenz, influenced by his father, an architect, developed an eye for visual aesthetics very early on. He started working for a sunglasses company in California before turning his talent for the lense towards photography.

However, he was always bothered by one thing, his art being limited to the vision of Art Directors who commissioned the project. Yet, in 2015, driven by the chance to unleash his creative freedom and liberate those around him, he set out to bring the brand to life. He reached out to fellow swiss artist Aramis Navarro to help design the first collection in 2016.


Our Process

Every pair of LORIS frames are handmade in northern Italy. Starting with a CNC machine cutting the raw form out of a plate of acetate, the process leads over tumblering, polishing and assembling to a finished product with high attention to detail.

Working with the highest quality cellulose acetate from Mazzucchelli, we're passionate about creating sunglasses that combine classic style with modern comfort. The more you wear these acetate sunglasses, the better they fit - the acetate reacts to your body heat. For the lenses we have chosen Carl Zeiss Vision to match our idea of a high quality product.


Strictly Limited Edition

We're firm believers that your uniqueness should be reflected in the objects in your life. This is why we've dedicated ourselves to producing only 250 of each color option. That's the limit. No exceptions. No matter the demand, we stand by our commitment.

These small batch runs ensure that we can truly maintain our handcrafted nature and strong levels of quality control. So choose your purchase wisely – this could be the last pair you ever need to buy.