Copenhagen is one, if not the most creative and avangard city in Europe. From stunning modern architecture that blends in perfectly with historic buildings, to art museums with pieces of Andy Warhol to crazy restaurant concepts you will not find anywhere else, to great nightlife. From a culture stand point, this city offers the whole range. Since Josephine, our co-owner calls Copenhagen somewhat home, she made a list of the must sees of the city. Make sure you write down the places below when you travel up north the next time:


Rent a houseboat for your stay

It’s not the cheapest way of staying in Copenhagen but definitely worth the experience – in terms of accommodation there is nothing more authentic than the sleeping on a boat in Danish waters. There are many boats to choose from on Expedia and Airbnb. Make sure you stay close to the city center, rent a bike to get around and don’t fall into the canal.


Restaurant Pluto

Pluto opened its doors in 2012. A fine mix of mediterranean with a taste of middle eastern cuisine. You will find some fish, seafood and wines from mostly local producers on the menu. But there is a bit for everyone. If you want to go all in, we recommend the 10-course tasting menu. We were blown away by the rich tastes of the food and cocktails, you will not be disappointed. Bring your dancing shoes since the restaurant turns into a party at midnight.


Restaurant Propaganda

At Propaganda you will be served asian food. But not in a traditional way. The chefs at Propaganda throw in a bit of everything, stir it and you will be blown away with what they come up with: It’s an incredible fusion kitchen that still tastes very asian. It’s like mixing pizza with burger but without loosing the Italian street credibility. You have to experience it for yourself. Order the chilli fried chicken Sando, “L.A.” Galbi and grilled Frigitello pepper. If you like wine you will not be disappointed: you go to the cellar yourself and choose your bottle of wine straight out of the fridge. The selection is quite funky of course.


Restaurant Palægade

Palægade it’s all about traditional Danish dishes that include a lot of Smørrebrød (Scandinavian bread plus toppings). Get the thought out of your head that this might be boring. Inspired by French cuisine, the modern Danish cuisine and spices from all over the world Palægade reinvented the wheels of traditional Danish cooking. Start with the shrimps, take the fried flounder filet or the salted scallops for main and finish with a dessert from the trolley. A Snaps after every course is recommended (drink responsibly). 


Meatpacking district

The city transformed the Meatpacking district, basically an area of slaugtherhouses into a lively area. With the industrial flair still intact, it is the new home for galleries, bars, night clubs and restaurants. Go to WarPigs for a delicious beer (attention they smoke meat in there, better stay away if you are vegan), Gorilla for cocktails and some dancing or Mother for a good pizza. Let yourself drift thru the district – especially in summer it is a great place to hang out.


Atelier September

Our place to go for coffee in the morning. A really hyggelig (warm and cosy) place you will have a hard time to leave. Try the sourdough croissant and the Cortado. But actually all the coffees they serve are excellent. Not sure if they have Kanelsnegle (cinnamon rolls), but don’t worry if not, you can find them anywhere else in the city. For example Juno Bakery is known for its delicious Danish pastries.


The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The museum is located in Humlebæk a 45 minute train ride north of Copenhagen. Embeded in a beautiful park with a beach from where you can see Sweden. The institutions permanent highlights on display are the Giacometti Hall, the Jorn Room and the Kusama Installation. We were lucky enough to see the some pieces of Andy Warhol during our last visit. The museum has one of Scandinavia’s largest art collections and contains more than 4,000 artworks so the pieces on display changes a few times a year. Check what is on, hop on a train and go see some art.

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